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Certain Evernote export options do not include note titles anywhere within the export files

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If I export a notebook using the 'Export as a single HTML web page' option, note titles are not included anywhere within the resulting HTML file.  They are completely missing.  The same thing happens if I export a single note using the same option.  In the latter case, the resulting HTML file name is the note title, but the title is still missing within the HTML file.  I am not sure if this same problem occurs for the '

As a workaround I have to export notebooks using the 'Export as multiple pages' option.  Each resulting note file then contains the title, and an index file is produced listing all the titles as links.  This solves the problem but results in a huge amount of unwanted file clutter. 

If this is a known bug being worked on, or if it has been fixed in later versions, please let me know.  I found a few discussions hinting at this problem but did not find any that clearly stated the exact problem or mentioned any planned fixes. 

I have version on Windows 10.    Help->Search for Updates indicates I have the latest version, even though online there is a version 10.x.  


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