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After last update I'm unable to share notebooks and single notes

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Hi, hopefully someone can help with this.

As per title, after the last update I'm unable to share both notebooks and individual notes by inviting someone via email. For reference, I'm a premium user and this problem appears both on the desktop app and the web app, tested both on MacOS Big Sur and Windows 10. If I try to share notes from the desktop app it keeps asking me to verify my email (I already did... 4 times!) and nothing happens. If I try online it simply tells me that sharing failed without further details.

Any insight on this? It is very limiting to share notes only via public link... 

Thank you

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You can share a single note by going to the three dots on the upper right corner and selecting: "copy internal link".
What I can't find still is how can one make a whole notebook to be publicly shared with a link? I mean, I want to make a notebook (with all its notes inside) accessible to anyone with the shared public link, like a url that everyone can see just with web access. 
Have you found that feature yet? Thanks.

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Yes, but as I mentioned, this is very limiting since I can't give write access to a notebook or note only via public link. This is one of the very basic functionalities of Evernote and should be fixed asap, otherwise it's not even worth paying the subscription...

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Yes, I agree. Some time ago it was able to share publicly to the web a whole notebook with all its notes inside.
This is not possible anyone in the current new version. We can only publish single notes but not the notebooks  :( 

Hope they bring those fetures back soon!

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