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Evernote sharing on Twitter iOS app gone

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Since the last update of the Twitter iOS app a week ago (version 8.52.1), the Evernote button has disappeared from the share menu and there doesn't appear to be any way of adding it back. On the latest version of the iPad OS Twitter app, it's still possible to share with Evernote.

I realise this may be out of Evernote's hands but is there a change in policy that has resulted in this? It's frustrating, as the Twitter integration had been greatly improved recently, with adding tags made a lot easier.

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I had the same issue from Twitter on iOS. Deleted the app, rebooted phone, reinstalled app and all the share buttons incl Evernote are back. BUT, no matter what I do, whether direct from Twitter or then opening in safari, the Evernote share button won’t load a Google sheet that I want to clip. All I get is the a blank white pop up with the Evernote logo that just sits there and then disappears without letting me do anything. Seems to work as usual with webpages etc

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