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Not much works anymore

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Windows 10

EN 10.6.9

Search no longer works, at all.  It just keeps showing me the same notes that were displayed on the opening screen.

Clicking on a notebook does not open the notebook.  So way to go to the notes in the notebook.  So if I want to read a note in a notebook I have to scroll through all notes till I happen to find that note.

Shortcuts that I had saved at the top of my opening page no longer work, screen flickers and just shows me the same set of notes arrange from newest to what ever, thousands of them.

Last time around the update removed the send to evernote folder option, now they have removed the ability to find notes.

So using this program now is essentially just a way to increase my CPU utilization and help heat up the office a little.

I pay yearly for this.  Going to have to really rethink that.  I have a functioning heat system.  Do not need the evernote program adding to that.

How about instead of adding "features" Evernote fix the stuff so it all works.  I do not really miss a feature I know nothing about, but I sure miss features that used to work and no longer work.  And search, like the dumbest text editor on the planet has a search that works.  How did you ***** that up?


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