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Strikethrough on checklist



Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to revert back to the original checklist where it would not add a strikethrough on the listed items you have checked. The checklist is the thing I primarily use this app for, and with the strikethrough it makes it difficult for someone like me to read the things I have checked (which for my uses I do need to be able to see). 

Could it be added as an option instead of a permanent fixture? Like to have checked text either greyed out OR with the strikethrough? 

Alternatively if I could just revert to the earlier version of the app I'd be happy with that. 


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Strike through lines & greyed out are both good for me but it would also be handy if the checked off items moved to the BOTTOM of their list leaving unchecked ones at the top. A facility to drag or move items up & down would be really handy as my priorities change.

There is no way of prioritising items in a checklist or sorting by number or alphabetically. 

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