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Sync problems & missing notes



I've lost notes that were created on synced apps because of the latest update considering Web as "a device". I don't remember any nag screens or pop-ups that told me Web was going to be considered a debivice. Just advertising pop-ups to upgrade (I'm a Basic user) which didn't look any different than normal.

I made a few notes in the app on my phone (taking photos), and there was a green sync icon in the corner (in my mind, green = good). But just in case, I went into settings and pressed "Sync Now". No message about syncing successfully or unsuccessfully.... and icon was still green. I also checked that I only had 2 devices listed (iPhone and Mac). Later, I reopened the app and the notes were gone.

There was no message about having too many devices, or an alert about being unable to sync. I checked my upload limit and it was fine. There was also no local copy of the note kept on my phone app until the device limit was resolved. Just continual pop ups to "upgrade" to "enjoy all the features", which sounds like advertising, not a sync error message.

I opened the app on my Mac, and the notes weren't there either. I checked and it confirmed I only had the Mac and iPhone devices. A few troubleshooting tips and forum posts suggested I check in the Web, as that was the main location for all synced notes. So I logged into the Web and immediately got an alert that I had to unsync 1 device in order to keep using Web. Well, that's news to me. So I unsync my Mac, but the notes still aren't there.

I have a sinking feeling these photo notes are now gone forever. (Which I know is my own fault for not saving the photo in my phone. I was using the EN "take a photo" feature on the iPhone app). Are they gone forever?

P.S. I would love to see the advertising pop-ups and alert pop-ups look more distinctly different.

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