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Problems with camera and search feature

Leanne Lipton



Since the latest upgrade of my app (business subscription) a few months ago, I have had problems with the camera feature.  I snap pics almost daily of medical records.  It won't allow me to take a pic directly.  I have to wait for a self-capture.  Then it won't stop taking pics of anything in the room.  I hit "save" several times, but it does not respond.  It is arduous to go back to a file and delete the unwanted pics.


My second issue is a long-standing one.  When I am on the road I need to look up these patient medical records in search, many of them won't pop up.  The search feature works most of the time on my laptop at home, but is unreliable when I am using my iPhone 6 during house calls.


Please alert tech support and advise next steps to rectify these two issues.



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