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Hmmm, no place to lodge a complaint or contact a person?



OK, I realize this probably isn't the appropriate place for this, but Evernote doesn't seem to have either a customer service contact or a forum topic that actually addresses my issue. 

I'm pretty ticked right now--why does Evernote consider my use of the web browser version to be a separate "Device". The web is not a device. Evernote web is SaaS, not a device! So, after using Evernote practically since it's inception, I've never had an issue using Evernote on two devices, as well as using the app either through the desktop app or on the web. Evernote has never made me either upgrade, or to drop either the desktop version or the web version (or one of my two devices). Super, duper, lame-sauce Evernote. I've already had my email held hostage by Google, and now this.  I guess everyone who offered a free versions of their services on the cloud are now feeling pinched and are trying to force free users to upgrade?

I really hope someone addresses this, because I don't think it's cool at all to suddenly consider the software on the web a "device" when it is not. So, basically, I'm only allowed to use/access Evernote now  on the two devices I own, or on one device and on any device via the Web? Since when?

Kind of shady, Evernote team. Just like Google, I've been a loyal Evernote user since year dot. I don't mind paying something, but I don't like this maneuver at all. :(. 



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