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Please bring back keyboard shortcuts for inserting checkboxes, and fix the display of them.



Using the cmd-shift-T was a majority of my usage in Evernote. And it missing is causing a 1,000 paper cuts. To the point I'm researching options, because I just can't do this by mouse every. single. freaking. time.

Also, what's up with the green checkbox if it's one checkbox and then gray with different indentation if it's a list of checkboxes?! I get it, you made a "cool thing" with the drag and drop. I'd ditch that in a HOT SECOND for the keyboard shortcut to come back. 

I don't want to go through trying to find another product and migrating my ***** over... please please please fix this. I'm begging you. 

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I couldn't agree more. I used the cmd-shift-T checkbox shortcut nearly every day and I cannot believe that was stripped out.  But you decided to keep the cmd-shift-H horizontal line shortcut (which I also use)...why one and not the other?

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