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Decryption Failed when opening an encrypted XLS

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since the last update of Evernote on iOS - Evernote 10.1 (1107121) - I am unable to open an encrypted XLS (Excel Sheet) attached to a note.

* I encrypt the XLS in Windows when saving the file

* I then attach it to an Evernote note

* Opening the XLS (of course with the encryption password) in Evernote ON WINDOWS works fine

* Opening it in evernote on iOS DOES NOT and gives me an error message "Decryption Failed (Null)"

Up to a few days ago, i.e. to the last update of Evernote on the iOS device, this used to work fine.

Any ideas?

Greetings - Mike

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I'm also unable to open an encrypted Word document (with the encryption password). I attempted the same procedure as specified by mk161257 and got the same results. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this and perhaps either a work around or a fix.

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