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Drag & Drop Notes into Notebooks under Shortcuts not working like in the past



Since the new evernote 10 came out. I'm no longer able to drag notes into a notebook that is in my shortcuts. Although I can drag a note into a notebook if I go into the notebooks section of the sidebar. I would assume this was not intentional for Evernote to take out the ability of doing this within the shortcuts side bar? I hope not. 

If anyone has any answers to this, would appreciate it so I know if there will be a fix or if this is all together discontinued as a function.


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I'm not understanding why there are no response from the Evernote community on this. Is this just an issue with me not being able to drag and drop notes into notebooks that are listed under shortcuts? Someone please help us understand if this is something evernote is aware of..



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Thanks for the update.

But does your drag and drop work when you drag and drop a note inside a notebook that is in the “shortcut” sidebar?

that is probably one of the most important functions for my workflow. Has been this way since I started using shortcuts. Now I can’t do that with the new Evernote version(s).

I hope there’s a fix soon :)

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