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Feature request: Annotations



I would like to suggest a feature to be added in the future for the web clipper, at least, though ideally expanded to all Evernote apps. If not immediately rolled out (assuming it gets accepted and developed) to all apps, then at least starting with the Web Clipper, since that would see the main use, I think.

The feature is annotations on articles by using the Web Clipper. Currently, the only form of annotating articles is highlighting stuff in a single colour. I'd like to suggest the expansion of this feature to

  • a) allow other colours, so it is concurrent with the highlighting colour options we now have in the apps, which I am sure is in the works already, probably, and
  • b) allowing people to make typed out notes.

To expand on that second one, I'd like to make a highlight, and then optionally add a note to that highlight, directly underneath the highlighted section, written in interstitial lines inserted by the web clipper between the lines of the actual article. To give a more specific use case of how I would be using this feature, mostly: as a language learner it would be useful to be able to read an article in a target language (for example Greek), be able to highlight words and phrases I don't know, look them up, and then add a note to a highlighted word directly underneath it with the meaning of that word. I could use different colours of highlighter for different categories of words, then have the translations written in a note that uses the same colour as the highlight, e.g. a pastel green highlight would have a green text for the annotations, etc.

Another way I think annotations could work is something like what LiquidText does for pdf's, but done for articles on the internet that you clip. Having notes and extracts from the article put on a field to the side of the article view, with lines connecting the notes to the thing they are noted to.

I realise this might take a while to develop if it is even accepted, I don't know how long it would take to code this, how difficult it would be, and how much resources could be spent on it with all the other stuff Evernote has to take care of, other ideas they're working on, fixing bugs, etc. This would just be a nice, useful feature.

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