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Evernote has recently become less productive


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Since the last update there's quite some functionality I seem to be missing:

-unable to save all attachments from a bunch off notes at once

-print a bunch of notes to PDF, again all once.

-delete several tags from the 'tag library' at once. Due to some automation in the past, I have thousands of tags I want to get rid off.


Is there any way to revert back to an older version (you know when these were all easy things to do)? Are these problems to be tackled any time soon? 

I can't find much complaints about these options that used to be there, that are now, recently, missing...



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I'm also experiencing some features missing, like, how do I now create a numbered index of notes? 

And, why do I have to comply with the location of the tags were they are? Why isn't the location of the search and tag bars optional for users?

I find this less productive to me since I now have to constantly go back to see all tags (it wasn't perfect before but now i see even less of the tags in that tiny bar)


And it's slow as hell, what happened in this version? I'm really disappointed. 

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