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Card view removed?



I did a search for card and found this post dated Oct 8: 

"Bring back ExpandedCard View

blackfish1987 posted an idea in Evernote for Mac Requests (Versions 10.0 and above)
I really like the old expandedcard view. It is easy to navigate, visually appealing, while showing previews of each articles. I don't have to look into each title to find what I need. This is a good design and I love it. The new Evernote 10.0 resolves many problems, lays a solid foundation for futu..."

So I guess Card View is gone for both Mac and PC?  It was the closest thing to a calendar that existed in Evernote and I have heaved wondered if they could display the notes in Card view why not just go all the way and have a calendar view?  Why not, Evernote?   And why did you remove Card View?

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I am replying to myself:  WRONG:  Card View still exists.  I don't use it frequently and have to blunder around the Evernote interface to find it.  It is in the notebook icon in the "Note List" under "View".

Still, it does not seem it would be too hard (I don't really have any idea how hard it could be) to expand this into a full fledged Calendar View, where the note snippets appear in a regular calendar.

I am not sure what blackfish 1987 meant when he wrote complaining of the apparent removal "old expandedcard view".

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