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Premium upgrade notification keeps popping up



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The issue it still happening.... it's unusable..... and REALLY ANNOYING... 🤬  please help to fix

How come this incredibly interrupting issue can pass Evernote's QA team... and seems like it's an issue that was happening since years ago...

Keep showing ever time i re-start Evernote, will show up several time then finally can use....



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Yeah. Seriously - Enough is enough. 

It's these kinds of failures to pay attention to details that undermines my confidence in the product overall. I don't want to be one of "those guys", but honestly. Let's make the UX better by not hounding me for upgrades that I already subscribe to, and have for a decade. 

And when I try to use the "contact us" tools, there is no accurate way to funnel me to a resource for a resolution to anything like this situation. 

Even taking the time to post this is more than I wanted to -- so I hope it gets the attention of the right person in the Evernote organization.

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