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Collapsable side list showing both notebooks and notes?

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Haven't found a solution to this anywhere. Is there a way to see both the notebooks and their notes in a collapsable list in either the Side List View or the Sidebar? Basically like this:

  • Notebook 1
    • Note 1
    • Note 2
  • Notebook 2
    • Note 3
    • Note 4

I've tried two solutions, each of which shows either the notes or the notebooks but not both:

  • If I use Side List View I can see the notes from one notebook as one long list, but I haven't found a way to group them into collapsable folders/"sub notebooks"
  • If I use the Sidebar I can create collapsable stacks for my notebooks, but I can't see the notes of each notebook/"sub notebook" in that list – I have to click on the notebook to see the notes in the Side List View

Is there a way to combine these two?

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