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(Archived) Link element propagates bad formatting when cut-n-pasted



Evernote for the Mac, version 1.11.0 (99371)

Possible bug: The hypertext link widget created by the format->link->add menu option incorrectly inherits formatting options when copied-and-pasted, and also incorrectly propagates the same formatting options to the text immediately following the pasted link.

Steps to reproduce:

*This assumes that the default font is Arial and the default font size is 13.

1) Launch Evernote client.

2) Click new note, then position cursor within main "blank note" editor panel as opposed to any separate child windows.

3) Insert the following text: "Sample header" carriage return, carriage return, "Sample title", carriage return.

4) Using the Format->Link->Add... menu option, add a dummy hypertext link, then add a carriage return after the link.

5) Your finished product should look something like this...

Sample Header

Sample Title

... the intent here is to eventually create a single Evernote document that contains a sorted list of links.

6) Highlight the "Sample Header" phrase, excluding the carriage return at the end that otherwise assumes you intend to highlight the entire line. Change the font and size to Arial 24.

... and now the magic happens.

7) Select all of the text, and do a command-C to copy.

Step 8: Move the cursor to the beginning of the note and press command-V to paste.

9) The Sample Header and Sample Title retain the correct formatting.

10) Notice that height of the sample link line, in the recently pasted block, is now (font size) 24, not 13. The text itself, however, correctly remains 13. The size of the cursor, when positioned anywhere within the link implies that the font size of any newly added text, will be 24, but any actual text added will be 13.

11) The line immediately below the sample link line (and above the original Sample block of text) will be size 24; the line height, the size of the cursor, and any text added, will also be size 24.

Work around:

Format all text as desired before inserting any non-textual elements. While this bug report pertains to hypertext links, the Evernote forum does contain posts complaining about similar formatting problems with tables and to-do lists.

"Simplify Formatting" did not work in my case, but it may in yours.

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