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Grouping or tagging highlights




I have to say I love the web clipper and it really helps saving an entire article while doing research on a particular topic so I can easily refer to it later without having to retrace hours of googling history to find it online (if it's still available in the first place). When doing research online on a particular topic I find myself clipping every single article I find relevant, tagging them with the topics I find it addresses. I later come back to the clipped articles and start reading them properly in evernote, highlighting relevant sections for later reference.

However, I still find myself taking notes on paper referencing these highlights so I can find them later when I retrace my thread of thought and piece them all together. I would love to be able to do this in the app itself.

The feature I propose is the ability to treat highlighted text as a separate note itself, while still being a part of the original note. That way it can be tagged individually (tags may be shared with the original note) for easier referencing. I'd also love to have the ability to consolidate highlights into new standalone notes or documents, where they may act as hyperlinks that you may follow to the original document to see the original context. I could then organize my thread of thought in this new note and intersperse my own ideas. This would turn my entire research process digital and all contained in Evernote.

I realize this is not a trivial request. Just having a piece of a note behave like a note itself is probably impossible or very difficult depending how the data is managed, but I think many users would find this very useful.


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