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Export HTML with local link to attachement




I have a main note that reference 200 notes.

The main note + all linked note have a tag "report"

Back in Febuary 2020, I tryed the export function out. I did a test by selecting all Note tagged "report" and then exported them as a multipage HTML. I go a nice HTML page with local link (file:///....)

Now after a lot of extra work and a lot more reference notes, the export to mutipage HTML produce a webpage with link to Evernote (Evernote:///....)

What am I doing wrong this time?

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So, I partially fixed it by:

- moving all my notes into one note book

- export the notes to html by right clicking on the notebook

- Doing so approx. half of the links are local (file:///) but this other half are still pointing toward a Evernote:/// adresse. Sometime the same note is linked in 2 differents ways in the same html page...

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