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Make Evernote Helper text area resizable

Chris Brannon


I have a giant screen and would prefer for the "quick note" area in Evernote Helper to be larger.  I have two alternative proposals for how to implement this.

1) Just have a way to resize it from the Helper that is persistent

2) Auto-save the current help text to a note in Evernote, and you can edit the same note either from the Helper or from the Evernote app. "Resizing" is already in place for the App view, so you can continue to take notes in Helper but if you want to look at a screenshot or something else you can quickly switch to the app and look there, then switch back to taking notes from the Helper.  In this case, the "Save to Evernote" button in Helper would become a "Start a New Note" button.  When you press it, the Helper becomes pinned to a new note and obviously the previous note is still available in Evernote.  For bonus points, in the app there could be a way to pin an existing note to Helper so you could add notes to it from the Helper.  I would find this useful when taking notes in a meeting and don't want my screen covered with Evernote app windows because I'm trying to watch a Zoom/Webex/etc., call.

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