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Tweet links fail to embed themselves in notes



When I go on my twitter app (web and iOS) and choose "share via" to Evernote, the tweet does not properly embed itself into a new note when saved(in both web and iOS). Instead, a broken HTML content box is displayed containing no text, and I need to manually click the link to go back to Twitter to see what I originally saved; it's a tedious and counter-intuitive process that cannot even search saved text. This is not an issue with Twitter (private accounts, deleted tweets, etc), but with how Evernote fails to embed links properly into notes -- let alone being able to support having multiple embedded tweet displays in a single note.

A large part of my evernote usage is monitoring and collecting tweets within notebooks, and it's a shame this feature has failed to work for so long. As an example, Notion is able to support this feature and I would love to see Evernote support that same level of integration instead of having to switch over.

Included are screenshots of what the problem looks like, and what I am sincerely hoping the Evernote team will be able to fix soon.

Thank you!

Annotation 2020-05-19 181120.jpg


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