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Code Block formatting and Highlight in Tables (excel sheets)

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I'd like to have opportunity to format code inside the tables.

Now, I can't do it. Code block formatting (CTRL + SHIFT + L) works good with a plain text, but if I insert (write) this text into table row, I can't format it as code block. It's bad for me, because I love tables (excel sheets) in Evernote.
Also this problem I have with Highlight (CTRL + SHIFT + H) feature and with Add Line feature (CTRL + SHIFT + -).

Could you add these features to Evernote in the newest versions?

I think that this feature will be good for each who learning coding.
I like to add note for each course which I learn and add notes with important information for me, but I still can't highlight needed moments for me, except change formatting to bold text or italic. Also I add a lot of "code blocks", but they look not so good, like if they were been with "code block" formatting.

Thank you!

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