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Existing notes not showing

Note TEX

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I installed the Windows Beta (v.6.9.1107) about 30 minutes ago. Obviously logged in with account info after installing. I have logged in and out several times, but still no notes. I have several questions/comments.

  • I do not see any of my existing notes, nor is there any sign that it is syncing. I was under the impression that I should see all my notes.
  • Tools>Account info takes me to the web portal, Account summary. It shows me signed in under the correct email, but inaccurately lists my version as Basic, even though I have a Premium account.
  • Help>Check for updates says "You're up to date", Evernote 6.8.1054; but under Help>About Evernote Preview is shows that it is ENT Beta Program, v6.9.1107.
  • Is there a way to force sync with my account?
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