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Smart Filtering Not Working (FF WC)

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Recently (last week or 2) the web clipper for FireFox stopped providing suggestions for notebooks and tags.  It always defaults to the alphabetically first notebook.
Some sites that I frequent, for example,  WebMD, would always default to my "Health" notebook, and would often find relevant tags.  Now it always goes to my "AI" notebook and no tags. 

What I've tried:
1.   Turn off / Turn on WC. Reload WC. Download and reinstall WC.
2.  Turn on / off various options in the WC options dialog box. Including setting default notebook and resetting smart filtering.
3.  Signing in / out of my account
Log shows 2 different warnings:

(1) unable to toggle clipper, tab status doesnt exist
(2) chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus

Mac OS 10.13.6
FF 75.0
Edit:  I've also noticed that after the page is saved, there are no suggested related notes.  It seems like the WC is just not connecting to its "backend" code that interacts with my database. 

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