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Hi everyone, I am loving using Evernote, it is perfect for meetings and means I have finally been able to ditch the notepads that I used to scrawl in, and then leave to pile up in my office. I'm looking to take my productivity to the next stage, and I'd like to be able to select text while typing notes, and add this text to a To Do list, ideally that syncs with Microsoft Outlook. I'd like this feature to work across my Windows PC (or a Mac for Mac users), iPhone and iPad, in the same way that I use Evernote. Is this feature available through any third party application yet, or an Evernote app? I tend to use my iPad to take notes in meetings, they usually result in a whole list of actions and it is quite laborious to have to go through these notes after a meeting, and then manually copy and paste them one-by-one into a To Do list (plus I often don't have the time).

Any ideas? Thanks for reading :)

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