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Todo checkbox sync options

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I am struggling. I wanted to find a task based app or an "online outmation tool" (EX: zapier, ifttt ect) that would allow me to sync Evernote "todo" checkboxes to a task app. A few examples of things I have found:

1. swipes app - appears to be what I want (Swipes add tasks when checkboxes are created Evernote and when one completes a task in swipes checkbox is checked in Evernote) But unfortunately it doesn't appear to be in app store of Android or Aple anymore. Their website is up but poking around their site it seems like they might be going out of biz?

2. Taskclone automation - only clones checkboxes from Evernote it doesn't sync back.

I have found nothing out there for iOS or Android that will allow me to sync "Todo" checkboxes to a task app like swipes did. Is this true or does anyone have any ideas?

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