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(Archived) unable to checkmark items in packing list


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what i'm currently using:


- windows Evernote app v (98594)

- windows xp pro v 5.1 (Build 2600.xsp.sp3_gdr.100247-1636: Service Pack 3)


- android Evernote app v 1.5.1 (97121)

- Droid X - v 2.1-update1

i created a packing list on the desktop. when i open the note on my phone, i can view the list but i can't check or uncheck items on it. as discussed in another topic, i'm unable to edit the packing list from the phone. this makes the packing list unusable.

i have to create the packing list on the desktop because i didn't see a way to create it from the phone.


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