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Web Clipper with Zhuyin (Traditional Chinese) Input



Hi there,

EN's Web Clipper has so far been the best web clipping tool for note taking apps in my opinion. However, a content annoyance of main is that, as a Taiwanese using Zhuyin input method to type tags when saving a page, I can only use my mouse to click on the suggested tags already existed in EN. 

For example, if I'd like to input a tag with 5 characters (e.g. "印象筆記"),when I type the first few characters ("印象"), WC would recognize this and suggest the tag "印象筆記" in the dropdown list. But since the Web Clipper will take the first return keystroke (in Zhuyin, this means completing/confirming the suggested input of Chinese characters) as completion of tag naming. So it will create a new "印象" tag, instead of choosing the existing "印象筆記”. The only way around is to move my mouse and click on the dropdown list, which is a break from my workflow on the keyboard. 

I hope Web Clipper could be like most other input field, that recognize the difference between completion of Zhuyin input, and completion of field inputs. Thank you and keep up the good works!

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