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Tag Suggestion/Dropdown List Populated based on "Contains" logic rather than "Begins with" logic



I am an Evernote user on (i) MacOS, (ii) Windows, and (iii) iOS user for Evernote and would like to see the following functionality added when I add new tags to notes.

When I want to add a tag to a note, I want the dropdown menu that populates to be based on whatever I have typed in so far ("Contains") rather than just what tag starts with ("Begins With").

For example, I have an ".Events" tag that I use and I use the period at the beginning to help organize my tags.  However, if I try to add this tag by typing in "Events" (without the period) the tag will not show up in the tag suggestion dropdown because the tag at a period in front of it.  When I search "Eve" it only populates "Evernote" (qty 1) and I want it to populate ".Events" and "Evernote" (qty 2).

In wildcard terms, I want it to search like *events* when I type only type "events" and NOT like events*.

Sorry for the multiple explanations, but I wasn't sure of the best way to explain it.  Thanks in advance for any help and/or consideration.



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