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Support response SLA is HORRIBLE

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I gave up on Evernote about 2 years and completely moving out onto another solution.  It is 2019 and I saw the iOS app looks way better than 2 years ago and it is usable again.  I decide to give it another chance again.  I upgraded to Plus immediately to show my support of Evernote and notice I truly need Premium for the size of files that I'm dealing with (50MB+).  This reminded me once why I wanted to leave Evernote 2 years but I'm totally fine with the price.  I upgraded to Premium immediately but all my Evernote clients still showing I'm a plus customer (including the Evernote account page shows me still a Plus subscription).

Apple charged me both plus and premium so I head to the Evernote support page.  Clicked on the 3 dropdown box and it tells me that I should contact Apple since i bought it through the app store.  Fine.  I goto Apple report a problem page and Apple points me back to EVERNOTE!

Ok, now I opened a ticket with Evernote customer support on the issue and after 20 hours.  THERE IS NO RESPONSE EXCEPT THE AUTO REPLY!!!


Terrible customer service.  I am so regret I just paid $99/yr for NOTHING but frustration!!!


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