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(Archived) Upgrade broke my phone's shotcuts


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I had Evernote working fine on my HTC Desire and then I was told there was an update. I told it to upgrade but afterwards when I clicked on the icon to run Evernote it told me it was not installed on my phone even though the icon was still in the programs list. I reinstalled Evernote and it seems to work but now I have the following problems:

1. It is impossible to add Evernote as a shortcut on my desktop now. I tell it to add a shortcut, pick the Evernote icon but it does not appear on the desktop.

2. Even worse - when I install any new app it no longer appears in the list of apps that I can add as shortcuts to my desktop.

It seems that some part of the installation mechanism must be broken on my phone now. Does anyone know what is wrong and how I can fix it?


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