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"Switch to..."-style interface for creating note links.



I'd like to be able to create a link to another note but without leaving the note I'm editing. If I could open up an interface as I do with "Switch to..." (J on Mac) and then just find the note I want to link to (in the same way) but on hitting Enter instead of jumping me to that note the interface inserts a link to that note right where the cursor is. 

This would save me a bunch of time jumping to the note I want, copying the link to it, jumping back having to find where my cursor was and then pasting that link in. (I know that doesn't sound huge but I'm doing this all the time!) 😉

Seems like you've got all the pieces there already, just a matter of joining them up. Maybe a with a keyboard shortcut? You could call it "Link to...".

I'd love to see this feature implemented.


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