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Feature request: Ability to display two notes side by side on Android phones/tablets



My "Evernote brain" is constantly growing and consolidating / comparing notes has become an essential task I encounter doing many times a day (Windows client).

That's the big disadvantage of a written notebook over digital notes - on the notebook you'd either have to constantly remember content while turning pages or tear them out althogether and lay them flat on the table to get the big picture.

On Windows I often open up 3-4 notes to compare, clean up and straightlining them, on Android in order to do that I'd need constant switching since I can only display and manipulate one note at a time. This may have been adequate a few years ago when 4" displays were common and Android for tablets still in its infacy but I don't accept that anymore in ~2019. It's a limitation that basically renders all IOS / Android devices regardless of screen size useless for me!

The fact that it isn't even possible on IOS or Android tablets even though there should be more than enough screen estate available seems rather short sighted and has detered me from buying another Android tablet again. In fact I installed Evernote on a new Samsung Tab S4 and yet it's basically still the same situation it was ~7 years ago.

When Samsung released the deskop like Android interface "DEX" I was initially hopefull but doubt things will happen here anytime soon either since it's still a too small market segment thus far.

I'm aware that there's the possibility to open the Evernote app and Evernote web in a Split Screen setup but this isn't a well working solution either since web/client syncing isn't 100% realtime and the web interface is sluggish and further cut in functionality. Let's not even begin with tables, pictures or attachments.

Again, all I'm asking for is the ability to display at least two notes side by side with Evernote Android app!

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