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removing unnecessary navigation steps in android app



to create a note in android app, one needs to tap on the plus icon, then select type of the note by tapping once more. why is this the case? i'm sure that above 99% of all notes created are text notes so we should be able to do this with a single tap, and choose other type of notes by multiple taps if necessary. (like google keep). imho this slows workflow a lot and needs a fix! 


there are two modes to interact with a note in android app, 
a) read-only mode 
b) editing mode
and we have to tap on the pencil icon to start editing. and we have to tap on the arrow above to stop editing and tap once more to go back to main menu. this makes workflow a lot slower. we should be able to start editing whenever we tap somewhere in the note. editing can end with hiding the keyboard. and it shouldn't take two taps to go from editing to the main menu, it should take only one! these are major ui flaws that needs some fix! evernote is a great product but these flaws aren't acceptable. those extra taps accumulate when you’re viewing/editing hundreds of notes a day. then it becomes a burden to use the app because of those slow response times and inefficient navigation interface.

this is why i still use google keep as a quick note taking app because it's much faster because it takes less taps to get something done. evernote can easily achieve the same performance and eliminate the need for other quicker apps by fixing these little things.


thanks for taking time to read this.

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