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Note got truncated or corrupted



I have a note that I've been using for years to track password information to a number of websites.  Today, that note has been truncated, so many newer entries are lost.  Is there anyway to recover an older version?  Supposedly it was modified 5 days ago, but I do not remember modifying it, not sure I even accessed it 5 days ago.  If I did, I'm not sure how I would have deleted so many lines.  I access that note from both my PC and My Android Phone.  If I did access it 5 days ago, it would be likely that was done from my phone.

I have a basic subscription. 

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Beginning in July, 2018, there began to be more and more bugs in Evernote's software.

The worst issue is that if there is a picture at the very top of a note, it makes the note unreadable because the picture is smeared vertically and it wipes out the rest of the note.

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