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Password Reset Expired

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It's been a while since I used the program and yesterday installed it on my kindle. Couldn't remember my password so I hit the reset. When I did this, I was currently sitting with hubby in the ER, so when they called him back of coarse the password reset was forgotten about. Today I go into my email and saw the reset email. Says the reset link is good for 25 hours. Here's the text:

We have received a password change request for your Evernote account (gothiccharms). 

If you did not ask to change your password, then you can ignore this email and your password will not be changed. The link below will remain active for 25 hours.


Ok, at this point, it'd been 21 hours... but the link was already expired. There was WAY TOO MANY inconsistencies with Evernote! From not being able to reach them, finally getting to a page where it tells me to submit a ticket (without a link to do so!) to simple confusion of how things work. Maybe this is why I stopped using it last time! GRRRR... 

Yes I went through the reset password again. Tried to set it to the password I wanted only to have it tell me that I can't use that password since it was the same as the old one. The only one that 1. I tried logging in with! 2. I just started using this password THIS YEAR and I stopped using Evernote LAST year or maybe even the year before. 

All in all, for a program that supposed to help people, it only frustrates. NOT a good business model!

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