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Text Formatting Copy/Paste, Insert Symbols and Formula



Please, insert in the text toolbar a "copy formatting from and past to" icon (the famous brush icon). It would save a lot of time when making text changing/reviews. Also, for those with need to take notes of math formulas, a option for "insert formula" like the one we have in Microsoft Word would be great as well. Talking about formulas, having a easier way to insert symbols would be great. Today I insert some symbols through the following path: Format -> Show Fonts -> Characters (see the attached screenshot).

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Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.35.35 PM 2.jpg

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Agreed! The 'match formatting' brush icon is so necessary. I hate not being able to copy formatting over from one part of a document to another. If a brush icon isn't possible, then at the very least there needs to be a way to modify line spacing in Evernote...

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