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Pachikov's original motivation for creating Evernote was to serve as an extension to our brain's memory store.

After all recalling information when we need it, in the form we need it is as important as storage capacity and persistence.

I propose that Evernote can do a much better job on the query/retrieval front. In particular it should leverage the way the Brain stores memories when we try to learn a new concept or body of knowledge. We learn best when we organize the information in the way think we will need them later on e.g. when preparing for a test. I think in addition to being able to save a web clip about some topic, we should be able to enter related questions and keywords that will help with retrieval later on, and the research results should organized accordingly. This should augment the typical indexing algorithms used by web searches. Search is analogous to memory recall. Supporting effective and fast recall will make Evernote essentially personally-curated body of knowledge that is more relevant and useful than a new Google search in many situations. I believe this core functionality, well executed, will make Evernote truly indispensable.

To that end, I think these core features are missing:

Smart search capabilities that leverage both automated and user-defined inputs

Automated search inputs:

- Using word counts and NLP to drive keywords, concepts, etc.

User search inputs

- Allow users to input their keywords phrases to be used for searching and ranking or search results 

- Allow users to enter what they think would be retrieval phrases or questions for each document

If I was a product manager on your team, I would suggest you return to Pachikov's core motivation as it is a powerful one; it resonates with me and I am sure a wide cross-section of people.

All the best

Pamela Ly


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