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Search Handwritten Notes



I'm trying to justify using Evernote over Onenote, however, one of the features I use from Onenote is the searching of the handwritten notes.  From what I understand, Evernote is supposed to do this, but I'm not having success.

-I have tried writing a test in the Ink Note "Test Evernote Search", sync the note and then tried to search for it.  While I have the note showing, the search return nothing, I know its there, I'm looking at it, but it does not find it.

-I have waited 24 hours and tried to search for the above Ink Note again (thinking Evernote had to process it), results are the same as above.


I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, writing in the wrong format/note, searching wrong - any help would be appreciated.

I'm using Windows 10, on a Surface, Evernote version (307671)

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