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New Meeting Note - Feature Feedback/Request



Love the dedicated "New Meeting Note" option.  Should be available in all client experiences, especially if it populates meeting details from Google Calendar. Real, valuable differentiator. 

Feature requests:

1. Allow creation for past meetings.  For whatever reason, it only allows you to choose a meeting that hasn't started yet.  No reason for this restriction and it really limits the usability especially if you took a meeting by phone and later need to document after the fact/add notes for action items. 

2. Allow selection of meeting details from integrated calendar & configuration of meeting note template - Don't need to see meeting location, and it isn't clear that meeting details are shown in the "Description" field.  I'd like to relabel that to state "Meeting Description" and choose a different font, etc. 

Keep up the good work. 


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I work, almost exclusively, in the mac version of Evernote. However, because this populates with data from my calendar, I login to the webclient just to click the button and have it automatically build the structure for me. I usually fill it out there as well - but sometimes I'll save it, close the tab and then sync my local client while I'm still in the meeting.

Keep up the great work!

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Two things:

1) I agree with Mheikka -- There are many times I don't have my laptop handy and want to add notes for a meeting that may have happened earlier in the day or the day before. I would love to see the "New Meeting Note" functionality showing past events as well.

2) I do the exact same steps skullivan mentioned as well. I log into web to create the meeting note and then switchback to the Mac client. An additional note -- I noticed a new UI for web has been released-- at a glance at least, I did not see the "New Meeting Note" option so I switched back to the old UI. If it's included in the new UI, I would request the option is more easily accessible. If it's not included in the new UI, please don't kill this feature and consider bringing it back (and to more clients, like the Mac app).

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I too love the New Meeting Note feature. As @srv75 posted, I just got the new web UI and am sad to see that the "New Meeting  Note" feature was not available.  While I like the new UI, I might change back to the old just for the New Meeting  Note. I hope that it can be brought into the new experience as well.

I don't find that the Templates features satisfies the New Meeting Note feature, because you still have to go and copy the attendees and description from your calendar.

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