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Make audio playback 100x better by enabling playback speed adjustments


Hi!  Please add an option that enables Evernote users to play back audio at a faster (or slower) speed, without affecting pitch. For instance, Audible has this feature and so does YouTube. Pretty much any tech company that has a video and/or audio player allows for adjustments in playback speed. Masterclass.com is yet another example.

When people use Evernote to record, I would think they are most often recording an academic lecture, business presentation for work, or they are recording their own voices for something they're working on. And they were there when the recording was taking place, so they probably don't need to hear it at the normal speed. They want to be able to blaze through it. As Audible says, "Listening is the new reading", and many people want to burn through material at a faster rate. So this feature would make a huge difference.

One way of implementing this would be to allow users to Control-click on an audio object and then they're given playback speeds, from 0.25x the normal speed to 5.0x the normal speed in 0.25 increments. Audible has less options, but what I have mentioned, I think, would be ideal.

I understand that the way around this is to download the audio from Evernote and play it back in another application, but I use Evernote all day, every day (7 days a week), and I have 3 Premium accounts with more to come, so put yourself in my shoes and the shoes of just about anyone who uses Evernote. Should I really have to download the audio and play it back in another application?

Please enable this ASAP. I love Evernote and I WANT to KEEP loving Evernote. 

Thank you!


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