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(Archived) Tagging fail



I've not used Evernote for a while and have just sat down to catch up with some tagging, and frankly, what a bloody mess!

1. A number of notes created on other devices are blank in preview (I'm using the desktop client on Mac OSX, 1.10.0-91023) - when these are fully opened the text is still present in the note (nothing to do with tagging);

2. In preview mode, if there are more tags than can be displayed in the single row then the rest are hidden, with no indication that there are more or any controls to scroll down;

3. This is also the case when the note is opened fully;

4. When adding tags to a note in preview mode; when you add the next node after the first row is full the drop-down type-ahead appears offset so that 75% of it is off screen to the right;

5. When adding tags to a note in preview mode; when adding the last tag of the line and this tag is longer than the available space then the tag drops down onto the next line, but the view does not, so the tag disappears?!?!

6. If you hit space in between tags it treats this as the first character in the tag, and therefore the type-ahead stops working, and a new tag is created (it may have always done this);

7. If I start typing with a capital and there is an existing tag with a lower case, then even if my next character is not in this tag - and therefore the type-ahead is abandoned - then my new tag is forced to begin with a lower-case. This effect is particularly odd when when the existing tag has a lower-case first character, followed by an upper-case second e.g. eLearning. When I try to create the new tag Elision I end up with eLision (it probably always did this, but whilst I'm here...).

8. I can never understand why tags are not clickable i.e. clicking on a tag filters the dataset by that tag (even if you have to hold down some control key to undertake this action);

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