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Note Contents showing Junk Characters How to retrieve

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I have been using Evernote for quite sometime i was earlier also a premium member in-between but have not renewed by subscription

All of a sudden while starting Evernote it gave a some bug report and asked me to send the technical report to Evernote for review which I did

Then when i opened my notes i found the contents to be junk in in and in the preview mode its showing some of the text but I'm not able to do anything about it One would get a clear idea after seeing the images which are attached in this message I have two questions 1)How do i get my contents back of the note? 2) How much can one rely on evernote had all my contents been gone like this? This is a serious issue which needs to be looked into and should be addressed by the evernote team I even tried the print option, duplicate note option, export option but it only shows junk characters and the strange part it there is no help available which should be there for such an issue



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