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New Chrome Plugin Tagging Working As Intended?



I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug, but I hope it's a bug that can be fixed. I used the Chrome Plugin to bookmark, clip, etc. And I use tags very heavily. And in the past, I have always been able to type in maybe 3 letters of a word and have every tag pop up no matter if it was part of the first word, or second word in a tag, etc. But now it seams I have to know the first 3 letters of the first word in the tag. 

Look, I'm not some savant that can remember every single tag I have used in the past. So I used to use tags where maybe I had 20 different kinds of marketing tags. Dental Marketing, Roofing Marketing, etc. So I could just type in MAR and all the marketing tags I had would pop up and I could select one or add a new one that I hadn't used before. 

That system worked amazing. But now with the search restricted the the beginning of the tag I am constantly adding tags that mean the same thing. Can we please get back the full text search of tag selection?

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