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(Archived) Freezes and resource drain

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I installed the last update but I'm still finding Evernote 3 to be too much of a system drain and too prone to freezing to be dependable. A note taking program running in the background shouldn't consume 75% of my CPU resources. Also, I'm not always in a location where wireless connections are available. If Evernote can't connect and sync, it just freezes and impacts every other program on my computer. I end up having to turn the computer completely off and back on. Not something I want to do on a regular basis.

EverNote 2 works like charm. I'd need to see the functionality and dependability of it in EverNote3 before I'd pay to swap.


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It may be running something in the background, but I've been experiencing so many problems getting Evernote 3 to run consistently that I've only had a couple of ink notes in the program. So no images to index. It may relate to sync problems but it's hard to determine because the only way to unfreeze it is often to restart the computer.

Today I've been able to write a couple of notes and sync without it freezing.

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That just happened to me this morning - came out of standby, and EverNote froze - wouldn't even gain focus when clicking on the program in the Windows taskbar. I go into standby regularly (5-6 times a day at least), and this is the first time its happened to me with EverNote. All other applications were working just fine, but EverNote was utilizing about 50-75% of my processor time, and never responded for 15 minutes until i killed it. It left an Evernote process running in the process list even after telling me it quit and the icons going away out of the task tray and task bar. After manually forcing that process to quit as well, I was able to start EverNote back up and it worked fine right away.

I periodically have this happen with other apps (maybe once a week), so I'm more inclined to blame Windows, as I've not seen EverNote have this behavior in any frequency.

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I am having the same problem. upon "waking up" from sleep mode, Evernote is frozen and there is a huge CPU drain. Takes a long time to kill the process as well. I love Evernote, but this is a major problem for me as I use the sleep function a lot.

Many thanks,


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Yep, same thing for me. I love EN, but since I began using it last week, this has happened to me daily. My Vista laptop rarely gets restarted, but I frequently go in and out of sleep and/or hibernate mode. Every time I wake the system up, EN is dead and has to be killed through task manager. Its bad enough that I have tried to remember to close EN prior to going to sleep, but I dont think I should have to do this.

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