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Flatten web pages tabs

Alexandre G


Hi guys,

I would love to see Evernote capable to "flatten tabs" in a web page.

Let's take this webpage for instance : https://www.arctictrucks-experience.com/product/products/toyot/

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are four tabs :

  • Info
  • Prices & Specifications
  • Contact us
  • Book Online


Current behaviour :

With "article" save :

The article is saved with tabs but you can only see the content of the "Info" tab, the other tabs are not clickable



With "simplified article" save :

Only a list of tabs is displayed, content of the info tab is shown below the list, as if it were some general content not contained in a tab.


Desired behaviour :

I would find it nice of Evernote to be capable of detecting those tabs and flat them. That is : list the content of each tab under each corresponding title as illustrated below.


Thank you for your consideration!



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