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Photos Disappearing from Note

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So I've never had a problem before and in the last week crazy things have suddenly started happening in Evernote.

I use the downloaded app on my Mac and the only notebook I ever update is one that is shared with my sister and mother so that we can all add our favourite recipes and in effect have a family cookbook at our fingertips at all times. Every time I've added a recipe from online or even one's I've made up myself I add a photo so that the others can see what it looks like. I've never had a problem before.

Now suddenly when I try and add a photo it adds it to the note and within 5 seconds the note somehow refreshes itself and suddenly the image is gone. I've tried adding the photo by copy+paste method, by downloading the image and then attaching it to the note and by simply dragging it from a webpage into the note. Every method results in a refresh and image loss. The recipe stays intact but the image is gone.

Because of all my trial and error I have also come to my monthly allowance for uploads which is infuriating because I was just trying to troubleshoot the problem.

I've noticed that there's a setting that seems to default new notes to my general notebook and after looking, my general notebook has a copy of all the recipes I'm adding with the photos in tact. But I don't understand why they are intact in that notebook and not in the other. And I don't seem to be able to turn this function off.

Can someone please help? I've had a week of hell trying to figure this out.

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