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Synchronisation failed

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the synchronisation on my windows 7 64 bit failed.

Evernote Version: (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387)

I tried to followe the steps I found in here somewhere.

Empty the waste bin doesn't work.

Make a back up for new installation recomends back up. Back up is only for notebooks possible. I have >30 notebooks and can not believe that I can not create a sensible Backup of evernote.

I copied the folder with the database. But does this realy work? And if so, the new installation would not make sense if I use the database from before, because most likely this is the trouble source.

Here are the last lines form the activity log:

"f3f2ed3f821095a7d4313687c3a8a66a" placeholder, 266620 bytes
13:06:15 [INFO   ] [6332] [7212] 100% * rsrc={C6DCBDEC-BD49-4B97-971E-8093983F21A4}, note={e09764fe-b646-459b-9f3f-e78579abc30c}
13:06:15 [INFO   ] [6332] [7212] 100% Updating local note "!!!!!!!! 2017 11 27 !!!!!!!!! Kopie", resource count: 0, usn=368783
13:06:15 [INFO   ] [6332] [7212] 100% * guid={051E7536-803A-4E3E-AEAF-984FCCFE5660}
13:06:16 [ERROR  ] [6332] [7212] Commit failed: code=00000302, CANT_UPDATE_ATTRS_TABLE, error: "Can't save uid=2, error: SQL logic error or missing database (1)"
13:06:16 [INFO   ] [6332] [7212] 100% Cannot commit transaction "writeNotes", error: CANT_UPDATE_ATTRS_TABLE (Can't save uid=2, error: SQL logic error or missing database (1))
13:06:16 [INFO   ] [6332] [7896] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
13:06:16 [INFO   ] [6332] [7896] * elapsed time: 14s
13:06:16 [INFO   ] [6332] [7896] * 6 items received
13:14:11 [INFO   ] [6332] [7020] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2018/03/19 13:00:00
13:14:23 [INFO   ] [6332] [7020] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 
13:14:41 [INFO   ] [6332] [7020] UI: user confirmed deletion of 730 notes from trash.
13:14:42 [ERROR  ] [6332] [7020] Commit failed: code=00000303, ATTR_NOT_FOUND, error: "Database exception: CantCommitTransaction database disk image is malformed (commit)"
13:14:42 [ERROR  ] [6332] [7020] Could not delete 730 trashed notes, error: ATTR_NOT_FOUND
13:15:43 [INFO   ] [6332] [7020] Registered session count: 2, last session: 2018/03/19 13:15:00

Obvious there is a SQL Error that causes the interuption of the synchronisation.

Maybe the error is cause by the !!!!! marks in the header of the note.

But I can not change the header. Evernote doesn't accept changes. If I overwrite the header it is not changed after closing the note.

I searched a lot but no chance. Chat from evernote seems continuously offline.

Any help would be appreciated.



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