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EN formatting problems



Presentation mode does unexpected things with regard to formatting. I write things in a Google doc (writing in the Evernote client causes excessive stuttering for some reason) and paste into EN. The biggest annoyance is the way any kind of formatting change will produce a line break. The line break doesn't appear in normal view, but only in presentation mode. The line break only appears at word boundaries, so I've been resorting to using a white character instead of a space between, for instance, normal and italic text. Is EN aware of this bug?

Also, the presentation mode side panel that you use to divide up a note into slides will refuse to scroll down past a certain point for long notes. You just have to click the sliver of the next note in order to go further.

Next, presentation mode slides will sometimes not display properly and include bits of the previous/next slide. This seems to happen more when the slide is an image.

Finally (and unrelated to presentation mode), the default font in the editor is very stubborn. You can change the font for the whole note, but whenever you click on any empty line, it will switch back to the default font and size. The default font itself can be changed in options, but, very strangely, the default font size absolutely refuses to be set to 16pt, but will be 15pt instead. Every other font size I've tried works just fine (12, 14, 18), but if you set the default font to 16pt, it will appear as 15pt in the note editor.


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