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I am a very happy and regular user of Evernote, but there's one thing that I see which I feel needs addressing around how different sources allow me to save items into Evernote.  In some cases I am presented with a list of just the Notebooks, other times I see the Stack names and then Notebooks with each stack.  

Evernote Windows10 app - 

Chrome / Evernote's own Web clipper - shows stacks, notebooks within stacks.  Lists other user's Notebooks that I have write-access to

Chrome / Feedly.com - presents a list of Stacks and Notebooks with a slash between.  Also, does NOT list other user's Notebooks that I have write-access to
iOS Feedly app - ditto
  Stack A /Notebook1
  Stack A /Notebook2
  Stack A /Notebook5
  Stack A /Notebook6
  Stack B /Notebook3
  Stack B /Notebook4

iOS Safari - presents a list of Notebooks, _ignoring_ the Stack name and thus puts the Notebooks in a completely different order
iOS Chrome - ditto


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